Exquisite Afternoon Tea


Enjoy Crumb Exquisite Afternoon Tea serves up to 4 family and friends. Choose from 5 flavours of delicious hand made cakes. Each of our exquisite afternoon tea packages arrives with everything you need to enjoy a wonderful few hours treating yourself, and your best friends or family.

Made and sent with love.

You receive:
8 slices of exquisite hand made delicacies. Choose from:

  • seeded nut granola,
  • yogurt topped cranberry tiffin,
  • caramel shortbread,
  • strawberry sandwich shortbread,
  • chocolate rocky road.

up to a maximum of 2 flavours.

In addition you receive,

  • 4 individual sachets of fine tea and/or delicious coffee.
  • 2 petite side plate doilies
  • 4 entre napkins.

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…feel free to select the same flavour twice if you wish

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Enjoy Crumb Exquisite Afternoon Tea contains everything needed to host an elegant afternoon tea party for up to 4 people.  Enjoying a selection of fine tea and coffee, a range of delicious handmade cakes, and all the trimmings, including napkins and doilies.

Everything you need to make a memorable event.

All our cakes last well, something we have ensured so that we know they will taste fantastic. Eaten straight away or saved for a party and ordered early, they keep well. Even the strawberry shortbread stays really soft and moist, nothing like a packaged shortbread.

Enjoy Crumb Exquisite Afternoon Tea is beautifully packaged and arrives wrapped in traditional brown parcel paper. It is sure to delight both those ordering for themselves and those lucky enough to be surprised with a gift.

Choose a personalised greeting on a card.  We tuck it inside the brown parcel paper ready to be found and raise a smile.

The Exquisite Afternoon Tea  is perfect for all special occasions, from anniversaries to birthdays, Mothers’ Day, or just a cosy chat with friends and family. It also makes a wonderful gift for any lover of fine tea and cake on any occasion.

Enjoy Crumb Exquisite Afternoon Tea will make the occasion.

For larger gatherings choose our Elegant Afternoon Tea which serves up to 6 family and friends. And for a larger gathering, or for those times when you would like to each enjoy more cake take a look at our Extravagant Afternoon Tea. This serves up to 10 and you will enjoy a real treat, creating a magical gathering perfect for parties and special occasions

We work closely with one of the finest bakeries in the region who hand make all of their products to the highest possible standard. The cakes all have a very homemade feel to them and taste as if they were baked by you personally.  The cakes that fill The Exquisite Afternoon Tea Party Box are quite simply exquisite.

Included in the box are traditional teas, or choose delicious, aromatic coffee, or why not have a combination?  Please everyone and take your pick.  All of the teas are sourced from Yorkshire Tea  with our delicious aromatic coffee from Taylors of Harrogate, one of the few remaining independent tea merchants in the United Kingdom.

Please note...

We don’t use any hydrogenated fats and we are GM free.

  • All bakeries are accredited.
  • All products are supplied with full ingredients declarations and allergens highlighted in bold.
  • We cannot currently guarantee that any of our products will be nut free.

Ingredients: a full list of ingredients is available here.

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