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Who we are?


Lisa lives in a small market town in the North-East of England with her husband, daughter and their beloved Greyhound rescue dog, Olive.

Lisa enjoyed 23 years as an Early Years Practitioner. Working with very young children was a role that demonstrated Lisa’s exceptional creativity.

This translates into a dynamic flow of innovative ideas that will ensure Crumb continues to develop, and remain, both visionary and relevant in the marketplace.

Lisa has not been afraid to reinvent her career, and take on new opportunities, which is excellent background to taking on a new venture. Having decided to leave education, she moved into Business Administration. Her first role was working for the Darlington Drug, Alcohol, and Tobacco Team, where she also met Kate. On being made redundant from the DAAT in 2016, she had 2 further administrative roles,  before finally realising her dream of turning her cake baking talents into a successful business.

Lisa’s administration skills and experience will be vital to the efficient day-to-day operation of Crumb; while her direct experience of developing; launching; and running; a similar successful business will be invaluable.

Lisa Enjoy Crumb

Who we are? 


Kate lives in a beautiful little hamlet, just a stones throw away from the North Yorkshire Moors, with her husband, and cats, Sabra and Sin.

Kate has also had a varied career, spanning the private, public, and voluntary sector. Previous roles as a Press Officer; Publicity and Placements Officer; Marketing & Communications Manager; and training as a journalist; have given her extensive experience of dealing with the press, and public, as well as multiple forms of media.

This will be key in launching, and promoting, the new Crumb brand. Roles in Retail Sales, and Service Management have given her all-round customer service skills and experience, that will stand her in good stead for liaising with Crumb’s customers, and ensuring they receive an excellent service.

Kate spent 15 years in senior management and commissioning roles, gaining experience in managing multi-million-pound budgets; writing contracts; consulting and engaging with service users and providers; designing services; and raising external funding – all of which will be vital experience for running Crumb.

For the last 3 years, she has run her own successful Business Consultancy, adding experience in identifying and developing contract opportunities; and business administration, Tax, and VAT to her portfolio.

Why crumb? Why now?

We had both really enjoyed working together, in our previous roles, and worked well as a team. We often talked about how amazing it would be to combine Lisa’s cake baking skills with Kate’s business acumen, and go into business together.

In 2016, the team was made redundant.  Kate was offered independent consultancy work, and Lisa another administrative role. At this point, our personal circumstances meant that we needed to take up these offers, but we never gave up on the dream!

3 years on, Lisa has taken the plunge to start her own cake business; and Kate has run her own consultancy. Lisa now has direct knowledge and experience of operating a successful retail cake business; while Kate has built on over 30 years’ management experience to run a successful business consultancy.

The additional knowledge and experience we have gained through running our individual businesses, along with changes in those personal circumstances, meant that when we were offered the chance to purchase Crumb, both the nature of the business, and the timing, was a perfect opportunity to realise that long held partnership dream!