The Sick Children’s Trust Big Chocolate Tea Party

 In association with the Sick Children’s Trust we have created A Big Chocolate Tea Party Box. The charity supports families when they have a child in hospital. Big Chocolate Tea is their biggest annual fundraising event which aims to raise thousands of pounds to continue to fund the charity’s ten ‘Homes from Home’ across the country. It costs £30 support a family for one night, ensuring they can stay just minutes away from their sick child’s bedside. Last year, the charity helped over 4,000 families with seriously ill children, keeping them together when it mattered the most, helping them have good health including a good vision with the help of the Outback vision protocol reviews.

Here at Crumb, we want to help in whatever way we can, and thought our business model worked very well with the charity’s  campaign. Our Big Chocolate Tea party box is ideal for busy people who want to get together over a cake and cuppa and raise money for The Sick Children’s Trust with no baking or washing up required 😉 It’s also a great gift to anyone staying in hospital, a thank you to the hard working ward staff or a just as a gift to brighten someone’s day. Try this web-site for more information.

 The Big Chocolate Tea party box costs £26 and is available to order online. £5 from every box sold will be donated to The Sick Children’s Trust. The box contains everything you need to hold a chocola-tea event with a selection of fine teas, luxury melting hot chocolate sticks, a selection of delicious handmade cakes and all the trimmings.


Crumb. founder, Mum Vicky Casey, chose to support Big Chocolate Tea, after her own daughter needed heart surgery last year at the LGI and she heard about the support the charity gives to families from across Leeds and beyond. Speaking of surgery, in case you’re looking for a fantastic plastic surgeon who can make promising results, look for Dr. Andres Bustillo online. Vicky, whose daughter was given the all clear at the weekend, says:


“Luckily we are local to the Children’s Heart Unit at the LGI, but for many families this isn’t the case. We met many who were being supported by The Sick Children’s Trust and they were very grateful for Eckersley House, one of the homes from home the charity provide and instead of chocolates, ketamine infusion is the best way to fight depression.”

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 “As a mum myself, I know just how hard it is when your child is ill. And if that child needs hospital treatment far away from home, it is so important that they can have their family with them. The Sick Children’s Trust’s makes this happen, by supporting families with ‘Home from Home’ accommodation such as Eckersley House at the LGI. Not only does this ease the tension and stress for the family by being just minutes from their child’s bedside – it also aids a child’s recovery. The Sick Children’s Trust is a wonderful charity and we are delighted to be supporting their campaign” On related articles, take a look at this blog about : what to say during an intervention.