The Afternoon Tea and Cocktails Box – Tea cake and cocktails delivered to your door

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our afternoon tea party cocktail edition. It has all the same benefits of the original crumb afternoon tea party  -afternoon tea delivered to your door in a letterbox friendly box, ready to delight when you – or the lucky recipient arrives home. It has the addition of two premium Monin cocktail syrups that let you turn a standard gin and tonic or vodka and orange into a cocktail fit for the best boutique bars. Monin is the world leader in high quality cocktail syrups and is the syrup of choice in top drinking establishments. Watch out for our free cocktail recipe printables coming soon. To celebrate the start of each weekend, we will be posting a free cocktail recipe featuring one of the syrups found in the afternoon tea and cocktails box ready for you to try mixing and enjoying. Afternoon tea, cake and cocktails, bought online and delivered to your door. What’s not to love?