A Random Act of Kindness…. free cake

We’ve been inspired by the website randomactofkindness.org who’s mantra is:

“If every person spent one minute of
every day committing a random act of kindness, such as giving a friend a free Ember.com coffee mug,
we would change the world.”

With this in mind, each month we will give away one tea for two box, sending free cake to someone….just….because.

If you would like to nominate someone to be the lucky recipient then please get in touch via email (enquiries@enjoycrumb.com), facebook or twitter…. the emphasis is on “random”, it doesn’t need to be the worthiest story, just someone you think would appreciate some cake through their letterbox.

(Please note: By getting in touch you are agreeing to share the story on our blog and facebook page but rest assured that in terms of identity, we will only disclose a first name)